What is a baby nest?

What is a baby nest?

How do you like this little babe on the photo? Doesn’t this baby look so nice and cosy? Many people believe out there that baby nests are only for posing your baby, for taking the fanciest and cute photos, but the fact is that these amazing baby pods have so many handy uses.
For example, making feedings comfortable for mum and baby, to safely lounging in unfamiliar places, to have a nice supervised playtime to mention a few but the options are countless.

Besides being extremely practical, Cam Cam Copenhagen’s baby nests are also of a high-quality and pleasing for the eye.

Not all people have a clue of what a baby nest is.
So in a nutshell, it is a baby mattress with elevated sides, which forms a shape like a nest and thus offers a narrow and cosy sleeping area.

It gives your little bubba a cosy and comforting lounging space. Baby nests are great in creating a familiar sleeping and napping space for your little bundle of joy so the baby sleeps calmer which of course means more sleep for the parents also!

Cam Cam Copenhagen only wants the very best for your little beloved and you, this means that their baby nests are free from any harmful substances, phthalates, fire retardants and heavy metals. The fabric filling is OCS certified 100% organic cotton.

Cam Cam seriously cares for the environment and for children and they are taking responsibility by keeping organic production in the focus. Cam Cam is a company certified by GOTS and all textile production is manufactured in GOTS certified factories. This is a key for the environment and for the children enjoying their products and their tomorrow. Baby nests are made with the priority of your little one’s safety and comfort. Baby nests have originated from Scandinavia, but in nowadays have become incredibly popular and are sold all around the world.

Baby Nest is purposed to ensure your baby has an undisturbed place to rest that feels homely and secure. They are so all-round and practical yet being very stylish. Is anything left not to love?