Political Process & Urban Youth Development In Niger Delta

At in-dependency in 1960, the Nigerian populace become approximately 50 million. Currently we’re an estimate 158 million, which means that one hundred twenty million Nigerians are below the age of forty three years. If the ones above 60 years are handiest about 38 million, it therefore approach those among the a long time of 18- 43 years are most of the people. That is about one hundred ten million. Registered citizens are currently a hundred thirty million consistent with Electoral Commission of Nigeria, without a doubt extra than half of of these eligible to vote are 18 years and above. The pertinent query is therefore: wherein are the relaxation of capability citizens as out of the a hundred and ten million registered citizens, most effective much less than 80 million voted in 2007? Dedicated .Net Developer

The hard fact cannot be bailed out, as extra than 142 million human beings by using the Nigerian regulation are eligible to vote, except the ex-convict and the de-franchised.

Then the following moral summations are placed down figuratively:

o 20 million teens aged 18 and above don’t have any Identity playing cards automatically casting off them from the vote casting manner.
O A good sized quantity of them haven’t any delivery certificate consequently they do no longer exist.
O Majority (34.3%) of the young people who’ve votes are apathetic to the whole procedure. They feel their balloting might not make a distinct.
O For the children that vote, majority (32 million) vote for the wrong reasons together with: electing leaders from their ethnic groups even though they do now not merit, electing those who’ve dished out the maximum cash, peer stress and frequently pressure from one’s own family to vote for specific chief as a block.
O A big percentage of the kids watch at the periphery as they’re ignorant of the importance of being in political party mainly within the mainstream politics were essential decisions approximately a country are made.
O Civic education has yet to completely incorporated and emphasized that there are children who’re tremendous leaders and merit a hazard.

As for those kids in mainstream politics, they face the subsequent:

o Patronage; where senior celebration participants do no longer create spaces for the kids to play essential roles within the political parties.
O Lack of clear political celebration ideology and cost system that courses the operation of the birthday party and the conduct of its members indiscriminately especially on age and gender.
O Ethnicity wherein membership of most political parties is dictated by using ethnicity stemming from the founders of the events or the people which might be funding it. This has caused chaos, and a whole lot of heartache for kids who locate themselves barred from progressing or collaborating in critical roles. The shift of loyalty, distrust, corruption and vertical solidarity determines who gets what within the political events.
O Gender discrimination has had a poor impact on younger women in the parties whose participation is confined and their contribution unrecognized. The culture of violence, dust slinging and individual assassination has discouraged many in a position young ladies from absolutely carrying out politics.
O Lack of sources, mainly funding political activities and retaining the desired mechanisms.

In terms of the employment method, just like the political system and structure improvement paradigm, younger people have the highest charge of unemployment and in lots of approaches are the most liable to the social depredations that are caused by unemployment and poverty. At the identical time they are the promise of the future, and failure to make investments within the younger era imposes first-rate constraints at the capability for destiny improvement. Whether it’s far making an investment within the creation of respectable paintings for young human beings which boosts the economy and lowers the call for for social services, or whether it be supporting peer to look fashions of HIV/AIDS education, or assisting young people in developing food protection for his or her network, studies has shown that making an investment in youth brings about healthier kids and healthier communities


The federal Government and its Amnesty group of trustees, and different stakeholders including NGOs, CLO and different Private donors are a multi-faceted strategy that makes a speciality of recognizing the on-going work of young people on the important thing city issues of: monetary development; urban peace and war; HIV /AIDs; and environmental degradation. These 4 regions that has turn out to be paramount a leverage to resolving the never-ending national and local conflicts both spiritual and economically encouraged, that 73% perpetuated by means of the Youths. The core of the SC strategy is the recognition that adolescents have the ability to be meaningfully engaged in city improvement programmes. The SC thru diverse youth development initiatives can be a automobile to mobilize assets to assist those most marginalized young people populations in beginning and maintaining youngsters led programmes.

Strategy 1

Creation of city primarily based teenagers resource centres that at once assist teens led improvement troubles, which include the Youth Development and rehabilitation, a program set up by way of various states and local government in Nigeria, mainly obtrusive in the Nigeria Delta, Western, Northern and Eastern geopolitical zones of the united states. The recognition of these hubs can be a space for children to arrange youngsters-led programmes in the location of monetary improvement, prevention of violence, and delivery of schooling and services on HIV /AIDs. This strategy is similarly mentioned under.

Strategy 2

Training teens as peace developers: The World Youth Report 2009 states that a majority of conflict takes area in developing countries, mainly in Africa, wherein an anticipated 200,000 younger squaddies between the a while of 10 and 24 threat their lives in the route of armed battle willed by using adults. Even in countries now not plagued by means of armed conflict, the youth have regularly been misused in the political arena. While their energy and enthusiasms are powerful tools in selling social or political troubles, they’re also liable to being misled and misused, regularly leading to disruptive effects. Youth want to be involved in violence prevention strategies, not simply struggle response techniques. Youth can take the lead. There is likewise an implementation strategy via collaboration between Federal authorities corporations (MYA) and their subs, local and national youth corporations, NGOs and nearby government focused on creating effective and sustainable fashions for urban adolescents improvement and employment in Nigeria.

Plans are actually in place to help within the design of different areas/states of the usa in view that via virtue of its implementation in Niger Delta with the subsequent targets:

Objective of the SC Youth Centres Project:

– To inspire partnerships with relevant stakeholders in the delivery of kids development;
– To increase knowledge, abilities and attitude trade of young people;
– To respond to educational, socio-economic, recreational, emotional and psychological desires of younger human beings in an incorporated manner;
– To encourage youth to have extra ownership of development;
– To offer leadership and mentorship to younger humans.

Six Key Areas of Intervention:

1. Employment and Entrepreneurship: To build ability of youth to participate correctly in city poverty discount via education and via offering employment possibilities in self-employment, formal and casual sectors.

2. Governance and Advocacy: To decorate youngsters contribution in the direction of better governance through selling accelerated children participation in local authorities topics, in particular the ones concerning adolescents development.

3. Health: To offer offerings aimed toward preventing and solving reproductive fitness troubles among the young people with the aid of provision of statistics, abilities schooling, training on reproductive health, counseling and referral services.

4. Communication and Information: To set up mechanisms to effectively communicate and disseminate facts to kids, youngsters businesses and other partners involved in teenagers work.

5. Environment and Resource Management: To support young people engagement in the protection and development of the environment by means of promoting their participation in environmental justice and governance initiatives.

Needs for monetary support:

– Establish satellite useful resource centres in casual settlements
– Define and provoke employment creation programmes, micro-credit programmes
– Enable greater fitness services to be offered free
– Build extra networks and partnerships each locally and internationally
– Provide the library with books and facts
– Provide computers for workplace work and net access
– Build employment training programmes such as worldwide mentoring and monitoring
– Establish a adolescents accept as true with/small grants programme for entrepreneurship

This partnership has been constructed on the way to research from every other best practices regarding a way to cope with the variety of demanding situations dealing with teens these days in urban groups, structures to allow them to make sustainable decisions, and the inter-generational transfer of values.


A state will add a feather to its cap and procedure of its improvement will hold if its bold, agile, virile and strong youths are guided at the proper path. The youths of a kingdom are powerful. They are agile and are willing to paintings, but it also includes visible that the youths are unable to yield favored outcomes for need of proper guidance.

Consequently, anything they do neither it offers pleasure to them nor does it satisfy the desires of the kingdom. Under those occasions to talk of the welfare of Youth in Nation Building, and Human Capital Development is meaningless; until priority is giving to its articulate software a good way to set them in fashion.

The truth is that when independence the successive generations didn’t carve the course of progress on right traces, sincerely because of the innocuous poor articulation of youths in authorities’s movements to make certain future decisions in terms of continuity. The moral question is, how can a nation be developed if its youths, folks that are inclined to undertake any type of paintings, one would most effective but imagine how strenuous it will likely be, if they’re not guided well?

It will in the end bring about a chaotic state of affairs just like the one we are confronted with, along with the troubles of teenagers restiveness in the Niger Delta and in different elements of Nigeria and Africa. The society is split and trapped inside the cob-net of troubles. Self hobby has come to be dominant, corruption is rampant and what alarms us most is that the country wide individual is on decline.

In order to take care of the hassle prevalent with young people restiveness and their position in nation building in the vicinity, there’s need for standard human capital development. Because development brings collectively the manufacturing and distribution of commodities, and the expansion and use of human competencies. For kids to lead an extended and healthful lifestyles there is need for intellectual and socio-monetary enlightenment on their rights, thereby growing those articulate acumen to navigate their paths in having access to resources needed for their respectable dwelling, and their involvement in Nation Building. This is in which investing in human useful resource improvement amongst the timid youths of the Niger Delta, as a part of the Federal Government’s “Operation Youth for Nation Building” strategy is imperatively of maximum challenge and urgency. There is not any advantage pronouncing nonetheless that the productive ability of youths is wider than all other sorts of wealth taken together, which perhaps is the centerpiece of this caption.

In my in advance paper provided at the lunching of the Edo State’s Directorate of Youth Affairs and Social mobilization; a part of the paper fees as follows:

The hassle of teens restiveness is a mirage until recently while a coalition of civil liberty Organization, NGOs, Government and different international agencies expressed largesse challenge over Youth Global improvement as they collectively and genuinely are searching for to deal with the ills and disproportionate spur of Youth affairs in authorities and their apartheid in Nation Building; including in the Niger Delta and different components of the united states, in regards to Militancy, sectarian and religious violence, Illiteracy, unemployment, disempowerment and so on.

Generally speaking, numerous militants and youth leaders won’t hold the ace on how the answer to the financial, socio-political and environmental problems of the Niger Delta area and its timid adolescents. However if the vicinity’s leaders and representative of diverse business enterprise are surely sincere inside the ongoing peace procedure, their moves are able to growing a vacuum within the monetary mainstream and survival of our federal hegemony – Nigeria. In order to facilitate regular and speedy children capital and human improvement; there’s need to cope with the subsequent:

a. Provision of enough mechanism and infrastructure to reinforce adolescents capital initiative and sustainable improvement.
B. Initiate programme for children interactive classes and highbrow model inside the dialogue of problems such as adolescents restiveness, the society and monetary improvement of youths in kingdom building, an time table that displays at the children.
C. Discussing and articulating programs to quell corruption, political irresponsibility amongst political representative, and inefficiency inside authorities systems and weak social protection.
D. Solution to uplifting the meager reputation of the youths in issues together with starvation, illiteracy, unemployment and financial disempowerment ought to be resolved, and applications should be installation at numerous quarters to take care of those issues.

With the above paradigm, one-of-a-kind strategic signs should be put in area to expect its complete mandates of youth capital development via finishing restiveness, militancy, violence and all forms of crisis in the Niger Delta vicinity, each internally encouraged, nationally alleged, or a few sort of ‘International Oil Conspiracy’. Although it is also pertinent to statement that at the basis reason and impact of kids battle within the Niger delta and someplace else in Nigeria is due to the excessive occurrence of state disasters over the years to cope with certain financial, political and sociological problems affecting and reflecting albeit Youth Development. National leaders in place of focusing extra on the federal technique that brings approximately equitable development across the country. The National Leaders are over indulging in paraphelia Federal shape which is suppresses the concept of peace building, and reneging Youth improvement in Nation Building.

The incapability of the Niger Delta states to meet its number one social responsibility significantly youth and other socio-financial development provision and protection of inner order as well as its unconcealed order for misrule, epitomize a complete failure of national leadership procedure and structure inside and without.

Even even though the youths of Niger Delta is absolutely or partially marginalized and displaced, the historical pivotal causes of adolescents restiveness, which contains of 96% adolescents force in Niger Delta location is despite the fact that due to the antecedent of greed, political ambition and individualized cause. This of route is an emphasis on the disunity that has rocked the location’s leaders, and essentially for the dearth of numerous installed agency’s dedication in the area’s politics, because the leaders are not accountable and transparent; or actually, militant corporations finds it difficult to attention on a common aim, vision and ideology of the region’s lengthy countrywide and economic deprivation over time, that makes the disaster seem even extra complex, tactical and threatening.

Let us deliver a helping hand to the younger era, uplift their morale to enable them to revive the countrywide person and to hold at the system of countrywide upliftment. It is also our obligation and if we’re indifferently disposed to it, we’re sincerely disregarding our responsibility towards the society and nation. Under such instances, we haven’t any proper to provoke peace process, because if we cannot find human beings in ourselves, therefore locating peace in others is impossible.

Encourage the kids in kingdom building is some thing this is individual orientated, and if our leaders in government despise these salient issues, then it is obtrusive that they may be taking advantage of the violence, and the modern-day country wide quagmire.


From the above analogy and largesse, the reason for CLO, NGOs and government participation in the facilitation towards finishing the conflicts in the vicinity among militants and multinational groups on one hand, Government and Militants/Youths Leaders then again, and coalition of the willing to prevent in addition disaster inside the location, which houses the leaders and consultant from Multinational Oil Corporations, Stakeholders in the peace system, the Government, civil liberty organization and the global network on any other quit, is to position an quit to the violence and beneath-development in the area. The State and Federal government demonstration of amnesty initiative is a welcome development, and ought to be embraced by way of all stakeholders inside the place with a view to sue for communicate.

The political independence is crucial for the upliftment of a country, but it is not the cease. Much is to be executed on social and monetary fronts. Probably, the political independence become regarded as the closing goal. Therefore, the current technology of youths changed into no longer given any specific guide-line; with the result that they had no expertise in their obligations toward the society or the kingdom. To avoid further deterioration of the state of affairs, it’s miles vital to manual the youths in right route, so that they will have interaction themselves with the project of completing the unfinished method of upliftment of their state.

The responsibility of preparing the historical past and creating a congenial surroundings on this appreciate lies with the intellectuals and the leaders of society. But if the leaders through satisfaction and personal ego fail to realise those information, then we will hold to embark on the enslaved marigold issues.

Separately, the government, NGOs and CLOs have been trying to mediate and facilitate peace procedure within the vicinity thru numerous MDGs projects, sustainable initiative with communities in the area, and to negotiate with adolescents leaders, warlords; who due to lack of cooperation and out of place schedule had been combating themselves over ethnic, spiritual and political topics and not because of the plight of their people (Asakitikpi, 2007). These are certainly reasons why any shape of peace system in the region has failed, why the Amnesty initiative of the federal government and authentic stakeholders inside the Niger Delta will no longer work, if these leaders through a discussion board of honest peace builders in step with authorities’s plans for development do no longer come collectively via consensus.

Asakitikpi went in addition:

“The headline which quote Alhaji Dokubo as mentioning that ‘we must manage our assets’, recommend the he – Dokubo is not preventing for the rights of his people to have manage their assets, however for powerful individuals like himself”.

Going through Asakitikpi’s analogy, it’s miles to say that even as there are no true teens leaders, aside from illustrious personalities like Isaac Adaka Boro, Professor Ake and their likes; the manner in which a number of the claimed freedom fighters, Militants (MEND) and co, Youth Leaders and their diverse administrative systems are composed isn’t always to say beyond degree, unacceptable. Literarily we are all aware of the bunkering episode that delivered a number of these leaders to economic fame, and the criminal sports to transform federal and country legal guidelines into non-public organization. One should quickly re-go to the differentiation between valid management structure and a mob operated scheme, which at certain time terrorized the inhabitants in their groups people who stood in their manner of justices and legality. These Militants leaders that preaches irrelevancy of the amnesty package today have been also instrumental to the building of the inspiration at the side of militarized financial misnomer of the antecedent of military regime, the incapacity of a first rate society throughout the place. Will it no longer be refuted with regard to the rationality of those leaders’ real course for improvement in the area, after they have been actors in the vandalization of the moral and monetary proper of their host communities; even as circumventing their humans and playing the gimmicks with Multinational Corporations and shady government officers? In my Ernest opinion, the ones leaders on the way to reject the amnesty initiative of the Federal government are the actual terror of the vicinity, and they ought to face the whole blow of the regulation.

This is indicative of Alhaji Asari Dokubo’s recent national sports as consistent with the disaster within the location, and his docile and incurrent acumen to completely recognise the dynamics and sincerity as an in-intensity mythology of the peace building and Youth improvement initiative of the area. The purpose for this exercising is, for each the Federal Government, MNCs, NGOs, CLOs and Militants Groups to admittedly compensate the people of the location of the havoc melted on them, for the lengthy years of financial degradation, political marginalization, economic deprivation, and barricading terror weighed on them by both Military operations of the Federal Government in their drive to get rid of Militants, and Guerilla war on them through Militants.

Through Nation Building, empowerment of Youths in its complete ramification is in all likelihood to lead to human capital improvement which in turn is expresses to lessen the tendency toward anti-social behaviours that influences societal norms, ethics and values. Youth development isn’t always approximately increase potential in phrases of know-how and ability acquisition as mentioned in such a lot of organizations’ assignment statements these days, as an alternative it equally requires that people have get entry to to capital so that their way of livelihood could be sustained and found out. A decent society where there is a extensive gap among the rich and bad creates the condition for desperation and the undermining of societal values as individuals will do whatever possible to forestall poverty by way of any method. This need to be discouraged via creating a discussion board for filling those society gaps, such as authorities’s awareness on children improvement in country building, as they may be the leaders of tomorrow, and the team of workers of present and really near future.


This assignment conception became initiated, in element, to explain why a “shift in method” has been advocated for a way we cope with kids troubles in this united states of america. We are going to be focusing on the approaches wherein differing factors of view have converged to shape the sector of high-quality youngsters improvement in latest Nigerian centric polity. With the twenty first century’s “discovery” of early life and formative years as unique durations wherein youngsters ought to be given help to learn and expand, society assumed an elevated feel of responsibility for the care of its younger humans.

Increases in juvenile crime and concerns approximately stricken adolescents led in the 2007 of the commencement of the Yar ‘Adua Administration in the starting of most important federal funding initiatives to address these troubles, that’s together packaged and address in several initiative to booster teens sensitization and National identification. These developments increased at some point of the 2008, as did country wide quotes of poverty, financial degradation, and other horrific authorities policies which indeed has been instrumental to violence; as a result unlucky returns to Nation building. In the precis recommend by (Nicholas Idemudia et al (2006) An Essay on the Nigerian Political society 🙂

Yet once more, with the awesome research performed in the early a part of 1995 – 1996 by tow fundamental American students and researchers;

Changes in socialization forces which have traditionally nurtured the improvement of kids – particularly in the own family – necessitate reconceptualization of faculty and community practices to help the circle of relatives in its assignment to elevate a hit children (Hernandez, 1995, from Weissberg & Greenberg, 1997: 5).

Any Youth Development and Outreach Program must seek to sell the participation and leadership of Nigerian Youths and younger humans in the development manner of country building. The reason wherefore should be to focus on the cost that young people can play within the effort to construct a location with stable democracies, sustainable economies, and equitable societies. By organising alliances with the public and private sectors, non-governmental enterprises (NGOs), and kids, the government and all stakeholders should emphasize participation and management, entrepreneurial improvement, technology, and network carrier to the cease of:

Empowering younger humans to come to be concerned in their personal development and that in their groups, and advocating children development and participation as an indispensable part of improvement; mainstreaming children development and participation during the state’s Ministry of Youths Affairs operations, and promoting inter-organisational partnerships to improve youth improvement and participation.

Although is hard to put in force in the beginning hand, yet with systematic efforts to implement actualization, the authorities through what this studies fabric can offer deliver attention to problems with a purpose to flip out as effective than some other implementation one may think suit for Youth focus campaign strategy.

Activities need to include:

(1) YOUTH AND CAPACITY BUILDING: Capacity constructing, which includes developing schooling, tasks and projects that expand the managerial, technical, entrepreneurial, and management abilities of youth, in order that they may come to be actors within the development process in preference to the subjects of that method. Facilitation of verbal exchange amongst young people inside the form of a nearby community of extra than thirteen.Five Million adolescents leaders and social marketers throughout Nigeria actively engaged in socio-monetary activities who will function dealers for improvement in their communities should be a central authority in any respect levels funding making plans. In the region of outreach and communications, the advent of public focus amongst most of the people, authorities organizations, and the non-income and personal sectors at the contributions and fee of youngsters participation and improvement. In addition, the programme must increase communique tools and sell the fine practices and model programmes of young people development thru meetings, audiovisual substances, courses, tv programming, press articles, a quarterly e-newsletter, and The Youth Development and Outreach website including those of the National Youth Council of Nigeria and several others.

(2) INTER-ORGANISATIONAL COLLABORATION: The creation of strategic alliances with public, non-public, and non-income sectors to endorse for effective young people participation as dealers for development in that location via statistics exchange, undertaking collaboration, resource mobilisation, and dissemination of best practices promotion of the importance of Inter-Regional collaboration and inter-organisation partnerships to better respond to the needs of kids illustration of the MYA inside the Geopolitical Working Group on Youth Development (GPWGYD)), a consortium of National donor companies (along with philanthropist, Governments, and countrywide NGOs) that helps new tactics to advantageous children development and participation in Niger Delta and Nigeria as a Nation. Intra-corporation mainstreaming, that is, the development of internal alliances with different departments and MYA parastatal Offices to integrate kids development and participation into the Federal government thru the MYA’s venture and assignment pipeline, and Policy advocacy and method that promotes a supportive policy surroundings for adolescents development and participation by carrying out coverage system initiatives with different partners.


It is now apparent that the destiny of Nigeria lies in right leadership and people responsible are with out dispute young leaders. We all agree that desirable governance, democracy, constitutionalism and kingdom building are closely formed by means of the high-quality of a country’s politics. If the future of Nigeria lies in the young people, how then can area be created within the mainstream politics to recognise it? Let us take the antecedent of Ghanaian political scene as an example.

The overarching purpose of the existing Administration’s initiative is to mobilize and harness the abundant assets of Nigeria’s young people toward improving the first-class of life in cities and towns so that it will empower vulnerable city adolescents groups for advanced socio-monetary inclusion and improvement.

Imperatively, a new sunrise has emerged wherein the luxury of with no trouble sitting returned and complaining as youngsters has long long gone. Nigeria cannot retain being a continent of succession with out successors, youngsters leaders are the quality alternative. With regard to the researches performed over time, each in Nigeria, United States, Europe, Asia, The Caribbean and South America, some of the ahead consist of:

o Legal backing through Political Party Bills, a strong National Youth Policy and lobbying for Affirmative Action Bills for the children (The MYA has via the Federal initiative calculated efforts to make this feasible amidst its National Agenda).

O Strategies on useful resource mobilization to aid potential teenagers election candidates, civic education with a unique awareness at the crucial function of youth, networking and coordination of kids sports to form a platform where we communicate in one voice and push our agenda, working with media for the benefit of teenagers and constructing their capacity as leaders who work with and for the human beings they represent and thus, the network on the grassroots. Encourage teens to sign up for sound political parties.

O Youth must broaden correct management capabilities and study from others. Practice leadership that enables high quality transformation in our countries.

O Focus and scope of management need to now not be constrained to politics and countrywide degree; it need to go beyond boundaries into regional and international levels. We ought to be able to have ready adolescents representatives in such bodies. It is imperative to evolve universally frequent value systems, broaden our expertise by using exposing ourselves to what teens leaders and leaders from different age-businesses and international locations are engaged in, research and adapt what works nice.

In order to enforce the adolescents initiative each nationally and domestically, all the stakeholders in youngsters attention and mobilisation ought to kick-off with their own fashion of marketing campaign coupled with statutory investment; in which schedule are particular and accessed via a committee. A key cognizance of those partnerships might be to take the neighborhood projects of teens nationally as expression by means of the Mission announcement of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) and the National Youth Initiative Forum (NYIF), and that is to make sure it deliver all of them, together to a level in which they can be shared with different children, researchers and policy makers. This effort is precise in its method in that it begins from the notion that teenagers are dealers of exchange inside their communities. Most development programmes see young people as being the problem, on whom improvement programmes can restoration. They treat youth as passive receptors, not able to behave, and wanting to be acted upon. This in recent time had been refuted, gnashed at and fought with the last youth blow ever acknowledged. It is unacceptable, and any political procedure that encourages such a false impression and misrepresentation of the ideology of the kids because the fountain of kingdom building is doomed to fail, and studies shows that any such method will maintain to fail.

Dr. Carl-Collins Ogunshola Oshodi
PhD, Conflict Management
Port Harcourt, Rivers State