Diverting Your Child’s Attention With the Interesting Corn Toss Game

For a young child to have a social and emotional development it is necessary for the primary caregiver to have a good relationship with the child. In a world where both parents are working and busy, it is important for them to spend time with their child, like having dinner together, playing games together and spending time talking to them and more importantly listening to what they have to say. Listening needs to be at its best and serious especially when a child comes up with a problem which may seem childish to us, but nevertheless it is a problem for the child anyways. Always remember never to crack jokes or make fun of the problem they come up with ข่าวฟุตบอลทั้งหมด.

It is understandable that at times you might loose your seriousness and during those times you need to help them forget they worry by diverting their attention to something else. In such delicate situations keeping a set of all weather corntoss game will help. There might be other games than can also help. My emphasis is on this yard game as it is easy to learn and play and the child will forget his problem and get into the game. This game will also help the child get some exercises without getting tired and accidents are least.

Corntoss games originated in the farmlands of Germany. It was later rediscovered in the hills of Kentucky and very soon it spread across whole of America and now there is an official corntoss association called ACA, the American Corn hole Association. What was once a rural game, played by the simple farmers, has successfully invaded the homes of urban elite. Now you have corn hole competitions held at regular intervals in almost all over the US. Moreover, you have the tailgating versions too. A toss game is now a popular party game. It is simple but enthralling.

Incidentally, corntoss, corn hole, beanbag, beanbag toss, bags, baggo are different names of the same game A game set consists of two corn hole boards and eight corn bags. The corn hole boards are slightly slanting and have a hole with 6″ diameter, at the higher end. The corn bags too are 6″, but are square. The boards are generally placed 33′ away from each other. Players stand by the side of the one board and take turns in pitching corn bags into the hole of the opposite board. A player scores 3 points if he can pitch a bag inside the hole and just 1 point if his bag falls on the board, but not in the hole.

Some corn toss games are weatherproof and some may not be. One of the specifications given by ACA says that weatherproof corntoss game sets cannot be used during competitions. ACA allows only boards made of plywood and not the weather boards which are usually made of plastic. Similarly the ACA allows only corn bags made of duck cotton and filled with feed corn and not the weatherproof bags which are usually made of waterproof cloth and filled with plastic palettes.

In order for us to take part in competitions it is necessary for us to buy the regulation boards and corn feed bags as there is a difference in using feedcorn bags on plywood boards and using all weather bags on plastic boards. For playing with kids at home and friend at bar-be-queue and tailgating the all weather corn toss game is sufficient. Good care needs to be taken over regulation boards and corn feed bags. If we leave them out for a night, the next day we can see that the regulation boards would have swollen and lost their shape and the corn feed bags would be wet and torn by squirrels or crows.

The toss game as a whole provides enough exercises, but its biggest contribution is to draw the couch potatoes away from their TV shows and chips. Therefore, order an all weather corn toss game set today to introduce your family into the magic world of tossing and jumping (with delight and that too is a big exercise). Such a set will not need much care but will last years, providing fun and exercise simultaneously.

Some of the reasons why people do not want to play with the all weather corn toss game sets are as follows:
1. Why are the bags being filled with plastic pallets when the name of the game says it’s a corn toss game and not a plastic palette toss game?
2. The feel of playing corntoss is best when only when the dust comes out of the broken down corns as they hit the boards. They also add by saying that there is no game without dust.
3. The dust that comes out of these corn bags will help the bag to slide easily and so they can play better.
4. When compared to the plastic palette bags, the feel that we get from real corn bags is far superior. So what’s your call?

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