Choosing a Fence Type – Wood Panel, Post and Rail, Vinyl, Polymer Or Chain Link

Fences serve two purposes: design and function. Fences work to create privacy, mark off property lines and can be a stylish addition to your yard or garden. There are so many types of fences on the market today and each type has their own unique characteristics. Metal fence repair

Choosing a fence for your yard or garden will depend on your personal preferences and needs. You’ll want to consider the following:

What is the general design or theme of your home and garden? For example, is your home a cottage or ranch? If so, then it would look great with a wood picket fence or any of the more traditional looking fences. Does your home have a more modern design? If so, a polymer (wrought-iron look) fence would compliment it well.

Fence Types:

Wood Panel Fencing
Wood panel fencing provides privacy and keeps noise out from neighbors. It is also a popular option because of the numerous staining and painting color options.

Post and Rail Fencing
If you have an image in your mind of an old fashioned farm fence then probably have an image of a post and rail fence. Post and rail fences are great at dividing property lines and can give a country edge to your garden. These fences are also commonly used around larger flower gardens.

Vinyl Fencing
If you are looking for a beautiful and almost zero maintenance fencing choice then vinyl fencing is for you. There is no rotting or fading associated with vinyl so this fence will last you a long time.

Polymer Fencing
Polymer fencing looks just like wrought iron fencing and is great for a fence with a gate door.

Chain Link
Economical and functional best describes chain link fence. This fence type will keep your kids in the yard and keep little pests out! If you need a fence for the purpose of dividing property lines, then this is a great and inexpensive choice.