5 Powerful Holistic Nutrition Coach Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Tis’ the season for giving, family, friends, and making the rounds to holiday parties & celebrations through New Year’s Day which can often lead to packing on some extra LB’s if you’re not careful! If you arm yourself with some solid mental intention tricks along with those presents, BEFORE you head to your next party, you can easily escape the holiday weight gain madness & potentially save yourself from becoming run down needlessly.

So you want to make every party, office, personal & otherwise, get the house decked out, treat the kids to some holiday occasions, finish shopping, send out 100+ cards to everyone you’ve met in the last 40+ years of your life, and so on. Phew! Well as you can see that requires a lot of energy & normally this time of year as a result we’re lacking the normal levels of rest & recovery we need burning the candle at both ends. Nutrition Coaching

Add into that we’re over-consuming alcohol & lots of sugary food that not only add extra calories, but weaken your immune system naturally, & you’ve got an equation for disaster that often leads to unwanted weight gain & sickness during the holiday time as we force our own natural defense mechanisms into weakness.

Not to fear! If you set your intention, there are a few ways we’d like to share that will support you to stay above the run down & weight gain if you arm your mental muscle ahead of time.

Our 5 Powerful Holistic Nutrition Coach Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

1. Choose a small plate: A plate is a great form of measurement estimation when you’re eating on the go or at parties. When they have a choice of a larger or small plate, go with the small plate & allow yourself only 1 refill. If they have a large plate only – make your choices once to fill it & that’s it – no refills. Use plates as tools to mentally stay in tune with measuring your food consumption.

2. Don’t Loiter!: Jokster Uncle Pauley, who you haven’t seen in gosh over 10 years, sequesters you at the food serving table & the next thing you know he’s shucking & jiving, and joking like always & you’re at the table talking for 30 minutes. Fast forward & all of the sudden you don’t even realize how much food you’ve consumed because you’ve been so engrossed in his funny tales & catching up, you were picking, refilling, eating & drinking mindlessly while talking away! The biggest mistake people make is talking while serving themselves food & drinks so they’re not mindful about what they’re choosing OR how much, AND then STAYING THERE so they can mindlessly pick MORE while talking. If you do nothing else, DON’T talk around the food serving table…get your food and quickly MOVE AWAY FROM THE TABLE.. If someone begins to talk with you there, kindly ask them to shuck & jive it over to the dance floor with you to talk some more while burning some calories!

3. Have a Plan of Attack BEFOREhand: People, do you think the historical battles that have been won were by leaders & fighters who decided how to fight the battle WHEN or AFTER they arrived at the battlefield? H*LL NO! So if you want to win the battle of the bulge you need to put your thinking cap on BEFOREhand and create a solid plan of attack. Our favorite holistic health counseling & nutrition coaching saying, “If you fail to plan, you PLAN to FAIL” & we use it regularly with our food coaching clients because nothing rings more true. Think about your day leading up to the party, how much food & drink you’ve consumed, how much movement your body has gotten in general, and then set some boundaries for yourself BEFORE heading to the party & then STAY within them — boundaries don’t work unless you hold yourself accountable to them!!

4. STOP YOUR ENDLESS MOUTH MULTI-TASKING!: How can you connect your mind to your eating behviors if you’re always trying to multi-task with it? Guess what – YOU CAN’T! Listen, you crazy over-stressed Americans…SLOW DOWN…and stop trying to talk & eat & accomplish 25 other things all at the same time. When you’re using your mouth for chewing, connect your mind to it. Even at a party we highly suggest you separate your food time from your talk time — this has TWO wonderful benefits: (1) You’ll be able to put your focus where it needs to be, when talking & catching up you’ll be fully focused on the person, & when eating you’ll be fully focused on what you’re consuming. (2) When you separate these two activities at a party, you’ll naturally eat less without even trying!